Cries of Anguish, Stories of Hope

Copyright WCC/ Peter Williams

This is a six part study, originally intended for the six weeks of Lent 2010, leading up to Holy Week.   Each week's study focuses on a different part of the world and a different form violence against women. Each study starts with a video and then also has a Bible Study, Prayers and other resources to make it a complete study.  Please feel free to use any or all of these resources as best fit your needs.

  • The first study looks at India and the Dalit women there, who are oppressed.  The Bible Study written by Rev. Priscilla Singh gives a new spin on the story of Moses' birth.  
  • The second week we turned to the Democratic Republic of Congo and saw how two Dutch film makers were telling the story of women breaking the silence about the horrendous affects of rape.  The Bible Study accompanying this looks at a story in the Book of Judges about rape.  
  • In the next week we journeyed to Colombia in South America and looked at how displaced peoples were celebrating and recovering in the midst of great suffering.  The Bible Study, written by a Colombian looks at Psalm 91 as a source of empowerment and sustenance.  
  • In the fourth study the international problem of human trafficking was addressed through a news report sharing "Svetlana's" story.  The Bible Study, by Dr. Fulata Moyo-Mbono, explores the Book of Ruth through the lens of trafficked women.  
  • In the fifth study we go to South Africa and look at masculinity and what it takes to be a man.  The Bible study explores the ideal image of "man" versus our fallen reality.  
  • Finally, in the sixth study, we explored a problem that affects every society, Domestic Violence.  This study uses four short videos from different countries that are meant to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and ways to bring an end to it.  The text in John of a woman caught in adultery is explored as the complex intersection of morality and the private sphere.  

We hope and pray that find each study useful for you, on your faith journey.  Although this was originally designed as a Lenten Study, please feel free to adapt the resources so that you can use them any time of year. 

This study was designed as a resource for Lent 2010 by the World Council of ChurchesWorld Student Christian Federation and the World YWCA

The comment section of the reflections page has been removed since the study was only officially running between 17 February 2010 and 4 April 2010.