Blog from the Living Letters visit to Pakistan

The Living Letters blogs are written to share about visits to specific countries or regions around the world, organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC) Decade to Overcome Violence initiative along with assistance from local coordinators, churches and other organizations. The Living Letters blogs are personal narratives from members of the "Living Letters" team and do not necessarily represent the opinion or policies of the World Council of Churches.

Additional information on the Living Letters visit to Pakistan

On track

Since yesterday our group is finally complete and we are all gathered at the hotel. Some of us already knew both the country and some of the other team members; others had the opportunity to get to know new friends and are looking forward to discovering a new country.

Even though the first actual day of our visit is today, we already had some sort of a sneak preview of what to expect yesterday when Bishop Samuel Azariah of the Raiwind Diocese invited us to share a meal with him at his house.

The discussion around the table touched on issues like forced marriages or how the caste system in South Asia also affects Christians. The discussion was lively and animated, which is indeed a positive sign as we all learn from each other.


Posted By: Henrik on Nov 25, 2008 11:49AM