Dr. Hong-Hsin Lin

Dr. Hong-Hsin Lin is a Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at the Taiwan Theological College, a seminary in Taipei (Taiwan). He teaches theology, the history of Christian thought, hermeneutics and philosophy. He is interested in how to evaluate human beings from the perspective of the Christian faith, while facing those who are under a social system that is emphasizing traditional authority, those who are self-centred, and those who are de-centred. He is also interested in the dialogue between Christianity and Chinese culture.

Selected Publications (in Chinese):

1994 The Theology of Calvin

1995 The History of Christian Doctrine (2 vols.)

1997 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

1998 Die Person des Heiligen Geistes als Thema der Pneumatologie in derreformierten Theologie

2002 The Theology of J. Moltmann