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WCC general secretary explores mission of the church amidst challenges


WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit with Christian leaders from Presbytarian Church of Pakistan in Lahore

Reflecting on the socio-political situation of Christians in Pakistan, the World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit finds God in difficult situations and explores the mission of the church in the country’s special context. He was speaking at a mission consultation organized by the Church of Pakistan on 9 October in Lahore.


“Finding God in a difficult situation means finding what God is doing in the detailed context. Where is God and what is God doing in the Pakistani context today?” asked Tveit, signifying that “Perhaps, God is silently feeding hungry children, healing the wounded hearts and bodies, breaking down the wall of divisions, and reconciling torn communities.”


Tveit also described dialogue as a crucial aspect to the mission of churches, especially in a Pakistani context. He said, “Dialogue can build up trust and allow for mutual witness. If mission is barrier-breaking and bridge-building, then interreligious dialogue is an essential aspect of this. Dialogue can also be a means for Christians to grow themselves in faith, sometimes in unexpected ways – and to view in a new light the truths about our own Christian faith.”


At the dedication service of the Cathedral of the Praying Hands, Tveit said, “Just as to be church is to be involved in mission, mission is to be church, such as today we gather in prayer, celebrating as the people of God. This church dedicated today reminds us that God is always meeting us in prayer wherever we are.”


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