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IEPC News for Youth


22 May 2011 – World Sunday for Peace

During the IEPC churches all around the world will be able to celebrate this day together.  Resource materials are in development and include a Bible meditation, songs, prayer, a poster and a youth-oriented Peace Sunday Sunrise Vigil

On the dawning of the World Sunday for Peace, we ask all youth groups, their communities and their churches to celebrate this day with a vigil.  This sunrise vigil can be anything from a prayer meeting, a bible study, singing of songs or silent meditation as the sun rises.  The materials from the poster can be used during the vigil.  We also ask that in solidarity with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, we begin each vigil with an act of peace – the planting of a tree.  This tree will become the lasting symbol of our united efforts to bring the peace of Christ to our suffering world.  As the sun rises, over the world – may there be peace. 

The materials will be sent out in the coming weeks to member church so that they can include the event in their 2011 calendars.  They will also be posed on the IEPC website at the same time.


In addition to nominees from member churches and other ecumenical organisations individuals or representatives from a church-related group or network involved in peace work can participate at the IEPC.  The goal is to have 25% of IEPC participants in the youth category and applications from persons who will be between the ages of 18 and 30 in May 2011 are warmly encouraged to apply. 

Further information

Video Shorts

A series of short video clips (2-3 minutes long) is being organized consisting of interviews with persons related to or knowledgeable about the IEPC.   They are asked to speak about their personal definition of peace from their perspective and experience, any peace initiatives they have been directly involved with in their own contexts and what the IEPC means for them, i.e. what they expect to take from the Convocation to further and improve their peace work in their own contexts.  These will be posted on the website late 2010.  We would be pleased to have suggestions of anyone that WCC staff could easily have access to and that you think would be good to interview.

Please send suggestions to sas (at) wcc-coe.org.

Resources and promotional materials

A wide range of resources and promotional materials is available on the IEPC website.  We can particularly recommend

  • Telling the Truth about Ourselves and Our World: a study guide for individuals and churches to reflect and act together
  • Imagine Peace and Telling Peace: Bible meditations and worship resources
  • IEPC posters: 2 models in 2 sizes, 30x40cm and 60x80cm.

Hard copies of the study guide and posters can be ordered via the site.

Visit to Kingston

The IEPC coordinator met with the IEPC Local Planning Committee in Jamaica from 18-24 July.  During that time she had the opportunity to visit a community outreach project focusing on Youth in the 100 Lane and Park Lane districts of Kingston.  The IEPC has joined forces with the Jamaica Baptist Union Mission Agency to undertake the renovation of a community centre and primary school for the joint use of the young persons of both the 100 Lane and Park Lane communities which in previous times have been in conflict with each other.  The hope is to have the work completed by May 2011 and the facilities inaugurated during the IEPC in the present of convocation participants.