29. Jun 09 - 3. Jul 09

Ethics of Peace. An Orthodox Christian Consultation

Bucharest, Romania


What is the core teaching of the Orthodox Church on peace and peaceful coexistence? Does the Orthodox Church endorse war? Is war holy? Is war a lesser evil or a lesser good?


The purpose of this pan-Orthodox consultation is to explore the ethics for peace as they emerged in the history of the Orthodox Church. Recognizing the great historic, cultural and anthropologic variety of experiences undergone by each local Eastern Church - ranging from Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Greek, Latin, Slavic and contemporary Orthodox Diaspora - Jesus' teachings on non-retaliation have occasionally been deformed and interpreted in line with the needs of the time. As no pan-orthodox synod endorsed a Just War theory, the agony of war often created sentiments of self-righteousness, while inflicting pain and suffering unto the enemies.


This event is co-organised by the Institue for Theology and Peace, the Romanian Patriarchate, The World Council of Churches and the Institute for Peace Studies in Eastern Christianity.


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