The Clothesline Project

Baptist Union of Great Britain


The Clothesline Project is a visual display of T-shirts designed by women survivors, with graphic messages and illustrations, to increase awareness of the impact of violence against women and girls. The display also celebrates a woman's strength and courage to overcome the past.

The T-shirts are hung side-by-side on the Clothesline, as though the survivors were standing there themselves, shoulder to shoulder, bearing witness to the violence that is committed against women on a daily basis.

The exhibition is relatively easy to transport and to display. It can stand alone, be used as a compelling visual aid to accompany a talk, workshop, or discussion, or be used as a focus for worship.

How it was done:

Fliers describing the Project and calling for T-shirts were produced and sent out to a wide range of ecumenical networks. The Clothesline Project was also publicised at the Baptist Assembly in 1998.

The fliers contained the following information:
"You are invited to send in a T-shirt of durable colour, preferably to correspond to the following colour coding, which is designed so that the Clothesline will be a visual representation of the nature of the violence experienced by women.

Should you wish a T-shirt to be supplied for you, please contact the address below. You may need more than one T-shirt. Should this be the case, please indicate this in your request.

Please represent on the T-shirt(s) what violence was committed. You can use drawing, writing, embroidery or glueing. You may want to pin some things, such as ribbon, onto the T-shirt. If you use names, please only use first names:


For women who have died as a result of violence committed simply because they were women


For women who have been raped or sexually assaulted


For women who have been battered or assaulted because they are women


For women who are survivors of incest or child sexual abuse


For women who have experienced emotional or psychological abuse

Any other colour which has special significance for youAddress to which the T-shirts are to be sent and where further information can be obtained:The Clothesline ProjectNorthern Baptist CollegeBrighton GroveRusholmeMANCHESTERM14 5JPUNITED KINGDOM"The Clothesline Project is co-ordinated from the Northern Baptist College in Manchester, England (address above). T-shirts have been collected over a period of 6 years; the project remains open, so new Tshirts are always welcome Pictures of some of the collected T-Shirts: